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Hi there? How’s everyone doing? We are having a great time in Ibiza! Today it’s raining (sad face) so we’ve finally found the time to sit and blog! Last Wednesday we drove to Ibiza and visited the old town. Here you have lots and lots of pictures of our day in the old town if you’d like to see…

We started with a little walk around the port enjoying the famous views of the old town. But without doubt, the best views were waiting for us all the way up, in the cathedral. Tip: wear comfortable shoes.

Ibiza_22Ibiza_21Ibiza_20Ibiza_19The old town has lots of beautiful corners. Surrounded by the impressive walls, it’s quite easy to get lost wandering through the little streets and slopes. However, that’s the best thing you can do… forget the map and enjoy the hidden corners. Not to miss: Plaza de España, Plaza de la Vila and Santo Domingo church, much more beautiful than the cathedral!

Ibiza_15But, of course, the best thing about Dalt Vila are its views. You can walk from Baluard (bastion) to Baluard admiring the beautiful intense blue sea, the white, beige and light brown buildings and rooftops of the city and imagine tales of pirates and Phoenicians. If you are lucky and the day is clear, you can even glimpse Formentera in the distance. Remember to bring your camera with you. You can take amazing pictures and pretend that you have to change your lens (or something like that) to catch your breath! Those steps and slopes are hard!


We had lunch in a restaurant that a friend recommended: La Brasa (Carrer de Pere Sala 3).  It has a beautiful patio/ garden where we ate a delicious paella underneath the trees. But first: alioli and olives. 
Ibiza_6Ibiza_5 Ibiza_4The paella was amazing but it was huge! Unfortunately we couln’t finish it. I blame the alioli. We got excited with the alioli and warm bread and… well, we didn’t leave much space left for the paella and the fried shrimps. A rookie mistake, I know.
We had a great lunch: we enjoyed a lovely meal and the staff was fantastic. They even recommended us a little cove that we will be visiting tomorrow! I can imagine that this restaurant would be a great option for a nice dinner before visiting one of Ibiza’s famous parties.

To be honest, we were a little bit disappointed with Ibiza. The old town is gorgeous and really deserves a visit, but the city itself… not so much. I was hoping for glamour and amazing shops (something like Palma de Mallorca) and I found the opposite. I would say everything looked tacky. So our recommendation would be: enjoy the old town and head to the north of the island. That’s the most beautiful part. More on that in the following days, stay tuned!

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