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Cala Olivera, Ibiza

Ibiza - Cala Olivera_10
Hi there! We are having a great time in Ibiza and we thought we could share with you a little bit of our holidays. We can’t promise to post every day, but we hope to keep you updated and give you some tips about this famous island.

We are staying in one of the quietest areas of the island. We wanted to discover the slow-paced Ibiza. We are not party girls and we wanted sea, sun and relax. And that’s exactly what we found in this little cove: Cala Olivera.
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_15You will find it in your way from Ibiza to Santa Eulària del Riu. Hidden behind a private residential area, we got there after a 2 km. hike. It was early and we walked alone enjoying the scent of the pines. It was absolutely beautiful.

Ibiza - Cala Olivera_1Once in Cala Olivera we were mesmerized by the calm emerald-green waters, the silence and the beautiful views.

Ibiza - Cala Olivera_6
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_3The cove is tiny but it has little bar that also rents a few sunbeds, so we decided to take two for the day. The owner of the bar was really nice: he asked us where we came from, he told us about the cove, asked about our camera and made us feel welcomed. We were tempted by a lovely home made sponge cake that was on display but we were feeling super healthy after our hike and we already had breakfast so… next time, maybe. We settled in, took our books and prepared for a nice morning under the sun. We had the cove for ourselves!
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_14
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_12The views were so beautiful that we couldn’t pay attention to our books. We just watched the sea, breathed and thought about how lucky we were to be there. After a couple of hours the little cove started to receive more visitors. Families and some gorgeous couples, mostly.
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_8
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_7Mandatory Instagram pictures ;)
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_11Little snack: watermelon cubes. Essie’s Lovie Dovie nail polish on the side.
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_13Happy face, freckles, messy hair and Paul & Joe sunnies :)
Ibiza - Cala Olivera_9Cala Olivera is perfect for a quiet day. If you have kids they can play safely on the shore or go up and down the rocks. If you like snorkeling, this is for you too. You can have some salads, fish dishes or sandwiches at the bar, so even though it’s a tiny cove you will have everything you need for a slow-paced beach day.

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    • Hi Cheyenne! We are loving the north area of the island. Quieter and wilder! Just nature! We are sure you would love it!

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