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Peanut butter and chocolate homemade bars

Peanut butter chocolate bars_2
We love baking but when the weather gets warmer we don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen. These peanut butter and chocolate bars are the best solution: super easy to prepare and absolutely delicious! You won’t need the oven and you will be out of the kitchen in about 30 minutes. What’s not to love? These bars are full of energy: perfect as a pre work-out snack or a fantastic pick me up during a day at the swimming pool.

Peanut butter chocolate bars_1
We love to pair them with a good old iced coffee… mmm… Best afternoon snack of the season! Salty and sweet, strong and creamy at the same time. This recipe is super kid-friendly too! You can prepare it with kids because it’s a little bit messy and sticky, just how they like it! Maybe change a little bit the proportion of the dark chocolate and add more milk chocolate.
Peanut butter chocolate bars_5

Last week I took some of these bars to the office and they were a huge success! If you have a long boring meeting, you should bring some of them with you: a couple of bites and… full attention and energy guaranteed!!




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