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Vika Gazinskaya for & Other Stories

& Other Stories has partnered up with Moscow-based designer Vika Gazinskaya to create an incredibly sweet collection that I just love. The cuts are perfect and the prints are just charming. I would buy every single piece. I’m not exaggerating, I mean it! How adorable are that shirt and that skirt?

Dresses are definitely the key pieces of this collection. I particularly love the fact that they are really flattering for curvy silhouettes. Most of them enhance the waist, being feminine and comfortable at the same time.

The prints are fantastic: blue crayon print, polka dots and dandelion sketches. Even though I’m not a fan of print fabrics, I have to admit these ones are beyond beautiful.

This take on the little black dress is really pretty.

And talking about pretty… don’t you love this dress? Isn’t it gorgeous? I think is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen in a long time!

But my favourite piece of the collection is this dress. I love everything about it. Even the flowers on the picture. It’s so me. While I was preparing this post I tried to buy it but… it’s not on the online shop anymore! (Insert some angry icons in here). Why? Oh Why?

Hopefully you are luckier than I am and find your favourite piece of this beautiful collection available here.


  1. Two words that stuck out to me: feminine & comfortable. Those are usually my main concerns when shopping. However I’m not sure how I feel about the collection. I mean it’s definitely stunning. But maybe a little too stunning? If the designers took this same emotion & put it into a casual street line… I’d probably faint with love. Lol. But great post, great pieces.

    • Um… I really think those dresses have to be comfortable. The cut on the waist and the fluffly skirts… they look comfy. Obviously, not boyfriend jeans and tee comfy, but somehow comfy for a fancy dress!
      Thanks for yoru comment!!! Glad you like the post!

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