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Atrio Cáceres

atrio caceres 3

We’ve been reading a lot about this hotel lately. Everyone seems to be talking about it… Atrio is one of those hotels that are equally loved by architects and gourmet travellers.

atrio caceres 4
New lines and volumes have been integrated into an older building in Extremadura’s beautiful city of Cáceres. Like a modern architecturally striking monastery it exudes calm, simplicity and luxury in equal measure. A fantastic art collection with original works by Warhol and Baselitz stands out in the otherwise minimalistic decor.

atrio caceres

atrio careres 2
No stay in this hotel would be completed without a gourmet experience in its restaurant, one of the most renown establishments in Spain. A new take on the traditional Extremaduran heritage that finds its best partner in a fantastic wine cellar, which also deserves a visit.

atrio caceres 5

Plaza San Mateo, 1


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