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Weekend Style Icons: Levi

Hi there! How was your week? Ours was stressful! As you read this I’ll be flying to Italy for a family gathering. So this week was all about having everything done work wise. Of course, I did all the packing yesterday night. And to do so, I was inspired by Levi, from the blog Tlnique. She masters the polished casual look, just what I was looking for!


These are the kind of looks I was trying to pull together. Unfortunately I don’t have that enigmatic halo…

This pic reminds me that I really need a leather jacket. (Teresa, if you are reading this… yep, you were right!)



tl6These looks are perfect for this crazy Spring weather, don’t you think? The light trench is a piece that I am seriously considering… I guess I will make the decision and buy it in a year or so. That’s me. Doubtful. I’m always late for trends. When I go for them, they are already oh-so-last-season. Sigh.


Go check Levi’s blog for more images and gorgeous inspiration.

Happy weekend!!! I’ll be eating pasta and fighting with my family!


    • Thank you guys! I really tried to be inspired by her… but at the end I packed lots of stripes and jeans and my white Supergas! :/ I want to be more fashionable but… ;)

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