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Two amazing retreats with Aman Resorts

Every once in a while we think about leaving everything behind and desappear for a while. Well… don’t we all? Sometimes a good old vacation is just what we need. But in other occasions we need more than that. Time for ourselves, for our health and for our minds. That’s why as soon as we heard about these two retreats organized by Aman Resorts in two of their most amazing destinations, Buthan and Greece, we knew we had to share them with you.

kora_pnk_bridge3_alb kora_pnk_farmhouse3_alb kora_pnk_R_punakha_lodge_exterior_night_11_alb
Buthan is one of the last places on Earth that still has an almost untouched culture. This setting is particularly ideal for an Inner Silence retreat. From 22nd to 31st May, the  Amankora Resort will be hosting a nine-night kora (journey). Each day will begin with a zen walking meditation that will help facilitate an awareness of breath, body and thought. There will also be guided meditation, talks and simple exercises to make the most of this inner and outer journey through four of the Kingdom’s valleys. The last two days of the retreat will be focus on Buddha’s teachings relating to the nature of suffering and the beauty of silence.

kora_tphu_ext_night1_alb kora_L_view_onto_thimphu_city_09_alb kora_entrance1_alb
This could be a great opportunity to rediscover yourself and explore a new country. To overcome the past and think of a better, new you.

But if you want to focus on your body, you may prefer the Alignment & Movement Retreat that will take place from 16th to 25th May at the Amanzoe Resort in Greece.
zoe_cruising_wally_one_alb zoe_aman_club_greece_alb
Combining Pilates, osteopathy and Watsu, this is the ideal retreat for individuals who feel that their movement has been compromised through stress, a sedentary lifestyle or simply the effects of repetitive day-to-day actions. Does it sound familiar to you? My back, which is aching at this moment after 8 hours sitting in front of the computer, dreams about those treatments…
zoe_amanspa_yoga_pav_1544_alb zoe_amanspa_treatment_rm_outdoor_1567_alb zoe_pool_restaurant_alb
You can choose between a four or a seven-nights retreat. During those days you will help your body forget all those hard Winter days at the office, you will enjoy the Aegean Sea and you will recover all the energy that you lost along the way. For us, that sounds like paradise.

zoe_swimming_pool_loungers_D_alb zoe_poolside_fireplace_k_alb

If you could, which retreat would you choose? We would go for the Greek one, no doubt!

Pictures via Aman Resorts.

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