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Welcome to the third installment of our Gourmet Marylebone series. After the most charming dinner place and one of the best burgers in London, we want to share with you the Michelin awarded Indian restaurant Trishna.

As soon we stepped in, the calm and elegant atmosphere welcomed us with mouthwatering scents and astonishing décor. We noticed immediately that this was not your average Indian restaurant. We were headed to our table, placed in a surprisingly white and pale blue dining room. We loved the combination of those light shades and the wooden chair and tables.

The staff was incredibly kind. They explained us a little bit about the coastal cuisine of south west India and let us decide which one of their many menus we wanted to savour. They offered a seven course menu, a five course menu and a three course menu. Finally we went for a three course menu while regretting the big breakfast we had that morning.


In the meantime, the appetizers came to the table. Super spicy but so lovely! The perfect bite to wake up your palate and make you excited about the dishes that will soon arrive.


We started with a Trishna seafood salad, for me, and the Quail pepper fry, for P. Both dishes were delicious. I hadn’t had seafood in a long time (Germany is not exactly a seafood paradise) so I was more than happy with my choice! The batter was extra light and the taste was really smooth. P’s quail pepper fry was juicy and spicy. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the combination of flavours was really balanced.


When the main courses arrived we already knew this restaurant was going to be on the top of our London list. The staff was really nice with us. Helping us at every moment, explaining everything to us and making us laugh. For us, a nice staff is essential to feel comfortable and enjoy our meal. Of course, the food was beyond delicious too… we were having such a great time!

But let’s focus on the food: P. had the Chettinad baby chicken and I had the Kerala Jheenga curry.  We don’t have pictures of the chicken, but I can promise you it looked wonderful and tasted even better. My curry was mild (just how I like it), the prawns were tender and the basmati rice was terribly good. Simple rice can be difficult sometimes because it can be tasteless and pointless. Not this time. But what really made us crazy were the potatoes. They were absolutely magnificent. I would have asked for more! I don’t know why I didn’t…


And finally it was time for dessert.  We chose the Carrot halwa (carrot pudding, samosa and masala chai ice cream) and rice pudding with pistachio. Both of them were outstanding, but I have to admit that the masala chai ice cream was my absolute favorite. It kind of tasted like chocolate! I had to ask again which flavor it was! P. preferred the rice pudding instead. Creamy, a little bit spicy and not overly sweet.


Before leaving we had a couple of espressos and a couple of white chocolate and mango petit fours. The nicest goodbye!


We can’t recommend Trishna enough: perfect for a family gathering, a date with your significant other or even a working lunch. You will be amazed by its food, aesthetic and service.


15 -17 Blandford Street
Marylebone Village
T | +44 (0)20 7935 5624



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