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Chiltern street

When travelling, the best discoveries appear unexpectedly. During our last trip to London we were escaping from the crowded Baker Street when we came across the tiniest, loveliest, coolest street.

We were amazed by the atmosphere. It was so quiet but at the same time, you could feel that there was a lot going on. We recognized the Atlas Gallery, in the nearby Dorset street, which was showing 20 years of amazing photography. We resisted the cinnamon buns of the Nordic Bakery and when we turned right… there it was. Red brick buildings with colorful ground floors full of really peculiar, almost eccentric, shops. We knew we’ve found something special the minute we saw a window full of Indian instruments, a Parisian wax manufacturer and a Monocle Café. The several menswear establishments were the perfect contrast to the bridal shops. Gentlemen and brides… what a lovely match.


Just at the end of the street we glimpsed what looked like a private club, or so we thought, that had a peculiar exclusive je ne sais quoi. We wondered what that place was. As it turned out, it was the new André Balazs’ luxury hotel which is also home of the Michelin starred Chef, Nuno Mendes’ new restaurant.

Writing this post we found out that Chiltern Street was voted London’s coolest street by Conde Nast Traveller. Well, we understand why!

PS: You can read more about Chiltern street, plan your visit and get in touch here.


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