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Patty & Bun


Welcome to the second chapter of our gourmet Marylebone series! A couple of weeks ago we finally tried Patty & Bun burgers. We’ve heard a lot about them and we had seen the queue on the street so we wanted to know what all the fuss was about.


Of course, we queued. For about 20 minutes we waited outside the restaurant (thank God the weather was kind of nice). In the meantime we had a look at the menu. So when we were finally seated, we already knew what to order. Two Ari Golds: one with bacon and another without bacon. With chips and coleslaw, obviously.


They were goooood. Probably the juiciest burgers we’ve ever had. I think that’s the secret: the super juicy meat. And the sauce. the sauce was definitively a game changer. The bun was perfect and held everything together quite nicely. But I have to say that the chips were almost as good as the burgers. If not better. They were seasoned with rosemary salt (I would add rosemary to all my meals), crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. Simply fabulous. The coleslaw was really nice too. But we overordered! We couldn’t finish it!





The place is fun, the food is great and the staff is really friendly and surprisingly attractive. But the music was too loud. Maybe it’s the old age pensioner in me but… it was really loud. A friend of mine has this theory: restaurants that play loud music just want you to eat and leave the sooner the better. Well, this might be the case. In the end, there is always people queueing outside. In spite of that, we would really recommend Patty & Bun for a fun lunch with friends.

Patty and bun
54 James St, London

PS: stay tuned for a fancy Indian restaurant next Monday! We are covering all kind of places in Marylebone!


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