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La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie_3

Today we are going to share with you our new favourite place in the world. The place where we had one of the loveliest dinners we’ve ever had. A couple of weeks ago, we were wandering through Marylebone village when we came across this cheese shop. We loved it immediately and when we saw a little poster saying that on Monday and Friday nights they open for cheese and charcuterie tasting we new we had a plan for the evening. It sounded so friendly: no reservations, just bring your friends.

In the evening the place looked even more inviting. We peeked shyly into the tasting cafe right next to the shop and we were mesmerized: candle light, people chatting and sipping wine over wonderful cheese and charcuterie platters… I don’t know why but the first thing that came into my mind were Woodie Allen’s films. I don’t know, it seemed like one of his settings. The perfect place to have an intelligent conversation, the appropriate atmosphere for a life-changing date… It was kind of magical.

La Fromagerie_12

La Fromagerie_11
Two friendly waiters welcomed us and took us to our table. We were lucky, we had the best table waiting for us. It was almost hidden, placed in a sort of  booth between the shop and the tasting cafe. We could see the shop and part of the products they sell. It was nice to have that view. P. sat down next to this lovely box of peas. The perfect companion.

La Fromagerie_1
Both waiters made sure we were comfortable and explained the menu for us. We could choose between French and Italian cheeses, French and Italian charcuterie and some little dishes. We chose four cheeses (two Italian and two French) and some charcuterie. A nice white wine that our waiter recommended and some water to clean our palates. We were so happy! Everything was perfect.

La Fromagerie_2
But then one of the waiters came to our table with the whole platter of French cheeses, the whole platter of Italian cheeses and all the charcuterie they offered. We declined politely and said that wasn’t our order while we ate everything with our eyes. The waiter looked surprised, went to the kitchen, came back and said we could have all of that but would be charged only for our order. It was their mistake. We were shocked. We thanked him and told him we weren’t going to finish all that… Obviously, we did.

La Fromagerie_4
We started with the charcuterie. The Italian team won hands down. The lardo on toast (look at that pic) was absolutely delicious. It was so creamy that for a moment P. thought it was cheese! The speck was strong but nor overly so and had a pleasing Wintery smoked flavour. And the salami… oh! It was succulent and lightly spicy. Their French counterparts were really nice, but felt kind of dry and bland compared to the Italian flavour explosion.

La Fromagerie_6

Now, onto the cheese… (which I took very seriously).

La Fromagerie_8
(Topshop sweater, MaxMara glasses, H&M necklace and OPI’s Big Apple Red on my nails)

Here is where the French team sought revenge. We both liked the Italian cheese platter very much, but the French cheeses were just spectacular. From soft and creamy to spicy and strong, we loved every single one of them. P. prefered the Italian blue cheese to the French one, though. I didn’t. So I ate it together with some slices of fresh and sweet pear. Pure biss.

La Fromagerie_10

La Fromagerie_5

La Fromagerie_7

Cheese, charcuterie and wine. Simplest things in life are the best, aren’t they? We didn’t need much more to have one of the best dinners we’ve ever had. The atmosphere of the place was incredible. The music, the service and, of course, the food make this little corner of Marylebone a perfect place to spend a charming soiree with your other half or your closest friends. We loved that there was not queue, no rush. There was time for conversation, discreet toasts, knowing looks, smiles and slow paced dinners.

La Fromagerie_9

So if you happen to be in London any Monday or Friday evening, you should head to La Fromagerie and enjoy a charming evening and the most amazing food. You can also visit the shop during the week to buy the best cheeses, have a light lunch or attend one of the many events they organize.
La Fromagerie
2-6 Moxon Street
London W1U 4EW
t: 020 7935 0341
[email protected]

PS: with this post we start a new series about our favourite gourmet addresses in Marylebone. Stay tuned! We will share with you a new place every Monday during the following weeks!


    • Hi Lisa! Did you live in the area? Lucky you! We would looooove to live there! By the way, thank you so much for passing by! We’ve had a look at your blog and we love it!
      We follow you on Bloglovin!
      E. & P.

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