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St John’s Wood, London

Last year a friend took us to Primrose Hill. That was the first time we walked along St John’s Wood High Street . It was a lovely sunny day and we were surprised by all the little cafes, great shops and good looking families that we found in this street. It was like a whole new picture-perfect world. That kind of world you want to fit in. We wanted to be those skinny mums with gorgeous hair and cute children in pastel coloured strollers. We wanted to have a nice cup of coffe after a shopping spree in those beautiful boutiques. We wanted to casually pick a bunch of flowers from the little flower shops and meet our friends for brunch. Last weekend we spent a morning wandering through the streets of the neighborhood and yet again, we found St John’s Wood High Street so charming and lively. The skinny mums were there taking their children to the St. John’s Hospice Easter Fayre, the shops were still inviting and we even discovered new pretty places to have brunch. Here you have our little guide to St John’s Wood High Street, if you’d like to see…


The trees full of flowers are the perfect frames for the pretty architecture that looks like the setting for one of a Brit Ralph Lauren commercial. Starting with the amazing Leonidas store (because chocolate goes always first), you can take your stomach and your nose to a pleasant walk along the street. The Bread shop and Maison Blanc are perfect for breakfast or brunch, being the latter cute as a button and the second home of those mums with perfect hair and cute children in pastel coloured strollers.


If you happen to visit this area during lunch time, you can have the best chicken soup in London (or so they say) in Harry Morgan or an exotic vegetarian dish in Sahara. For pudding, just walk a little bit further and buy something sweet at Carluccio’s. Take it to the St John’s Wood Church Gardens, just across the street, to enjoy a lovely quiet afternoon.




There are planty of options to make some credit card damage, from famous brands like Whitsles (have a look to yesterday’s post to see their last collection), Zadig and Voltaire, The Kooples or Comptoir des Cotoniers to local small shops. But our favourite is Larizia, a gorgeous multi-brand boutique that last week had my beloved Phanton Bag by Celine in their window. Sigh!

The florists! Oh the florists! Being flowers one of the main characters in our St. John’s Wood High Street phantasy, we can’t help but include this amazing flower shop in our little guide. It’s called Drake Algar and had the most beautiful display: simple bouquets, creative arrangements, little plants… Everything they had was just perfect. There are other four nice florists in this street, so  you can visit all of them and choose your favourite. Just for fun.

This street is made to walk slowly, carefree and with a big smile on your face. It’s a happy street. It’s a great place to soak up nice vibes. After that, you can get lost in the side streets or walk a little bit further to Regent’s Park. That is exactly what we did last weekend.

The weather was nice, Spring was at its best and we were heading to a great place to have lunch (more on that in the following days). No picture of us, but I can assure you that we had the biggest smiles on our faces. Maybe we are not skinny mums or ladies who brunch but we sure enjoy the little pleasures in life. A nice walk in a nice street can be just what you need to feel that everything is going to be all right.


    • Hi Cheyenne! You should visit the area… it’s so lovely!! It’s a little bit off the beaten track but it deserves a visit!

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