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Those little things

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When we travel we love doing this that we think locals would do. We know we are tourists, don’t get me wrong. We have no problem with that word. We’re not travellers, though we wish we were! We have a lovely life to escape from and go back to. We spend days daydreaming about leaving to new destinations, but then we really enjoy being at home. It’s just that we love mingling with the locals and pretending that we live in the places we visit. In the end, travelling is fantasizing, no? Here’s a list of those little things that we love doing while travelling to fool ourselves and pretend we actually are locals:

viaje 3
– Hide the map. We all do this, don’t we? Some years ago, the camera was something that everyone tried to avoid too (it sort of screamed TOURIST!) but now in this blogging era everyone takes their cameras everywhere. It can be cool actually. Now that I think about it we should take our camera with us more often if only for the cool factor. Though I’m always afraid of being mugged! Trying to be cool can be hard when you are a paranoid like me.

– Sip coffee in a tiny café while reading, people watching or simply enjoying the view. Before it was all go, go, go! Museums, monuments and things to do. We had to see evertything there was to see! Now we care more about those moments of relax. One of my dearest memories of Berlin is sitting in a café of Hackesche Höfe on a Sunday afternoon drinking a cup of tea, reading fashion magazines and watching the rain pouring behind the windows. Can I do that at home? Yes. Does the tea has the same flavor? Is the atmosphere the same? Does the moment feel that special? No way.

– Go to the cinema. I don’t know why but we just love going to the cinema in other countries. Next weekend we will be in London and we are already thinking about the film we could watch… The fact that we don’t have original version cinemas in our town is important here. We love that feeling of forgetting where you are during the film and then realizing you are in a bright new place when you go out of the film theater. Specially if that happens in Leicester Square and then we can have a big bowl of chicken katsu udon here. Or buy a huge bag of M&M’s before the cinema at M& M’s world. (I told you we are not afraid of being caled tourist ;)

viaje 5
– Spend hours in all the farmers market and food halls we find. We love food and we love shopping, so this is clearly one of our favourite activities in the world.  We told you about our favourite Italian street markets here. We just have a blast strolling around, taking pictures of food, and buying delicious treats, wether it is fresh fruit in La Boquería, or artisan marmalade with a fresh from the oven pastry in Borough market. Besides, we always find the best presents for our loved ones in this kind of places!

What about you? Is there anything you love doing while travelling? Do you try to act like a local? Let us know in the comment section!

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