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Venice, where else?


Venice is my favourite place in the world. If I had to choose one place to stay forever, Venice will be the chosen one. Its architecture, its history, its food and its undeniable charm made me fall in love with this city when I was a kid. Since then, I’ve tried to visit Venice at least once a year. The Venice I love, my Venice, is placed in the Castello area. The Venice I love is full of empty tiny streets to enjoy long walks, lively squares to savour a Spritz and a nice conversation, boats that sell the best fruit and nights that are as enigmatic as silent. But there is another Venice: the opulent, decadent, exclusive and even obscene. That Venice surrounds the Gran Canal, that Venice is epitomize by those palazzi where lavish parties have taken place during years. I’ve always been so curious about it, I won’t lie. And this hotel seems the best place to discover it.

The Áman Canal Grande is one of the most significant examples of the Neo-Renaissance and Rococo style in Venice. Placed in San Polo, the oldest area of the city, this hotel overlooks the magnificent Canal Grande and has one of the most treasured secrets of Venice: a beautiful garden. Spending some time in a Venetian garden is one of those things that feel a luxurious and unique. If you are lucky enough the garden would be decorated with beautiful wisterias that try to make their way to the water.

The hotel has a luscious decor with Tiepolo’s paintings, a wonderful sweeping staircase and a historic library. With a total of 24 rooms, the Aman Canal Grande offers a delightful stay with a remarkably elegant atmosphere and a real sense of old-school glamour.

But if there is a reason why I would love to visit this hotel that is its roof terrace. A typical altana, an intimate viewpoint where you can enjoy the best sunsets, overlooking the rooftops of the city. They say that on a clear day, the Alps are visible in the distance. That is the exact place where you know that everything is right with the world while you are there.


Áman Canal Grande
Palazzo Papadopoli
Calle Tiepolo 1364
Sestiere San Polo
Venezia 30125
Tel (39) 041 2707333

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    • But it’s the best city to get lost! Those canals and bridges are always amazingl! Every corner hides something unexpectedly beautiful! Oh, I just love it!
      Thanks for passing by!

    • Hi Cate Elise!
      We have more posts about Venice if you’d like to see! Or your sister! ;) I highly recommend her the Osteria Oliva Nera. It’s my favourite restaurant in Venice! We did post about it too!
      Hope she has a great weekend!

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