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Italy… always!


So we are thinking about taking a few days off in May/June and prepare a nice trip. But where should we head to? New York is tempting… But we want sun and sea and sand and magazines and books and cocktails. We want a vacation. We need a vacation. Do we finally splurge on an all-inclusive Pacific resort? Well, the thing is that even though I still have to visit lots and lots of places, my heart always tells me to go to Italy. And if you continue reading you will discover a hotel that epitomizes almost everything that holidays in Italy mean to me.

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to J.K. Place Capri.

We visited Capri during our honeymoon. Pretty traditional newlyweds destination, I know. But let me tell you something: it is a fantastic destination for romance! It is also the perfect place to enjoy the best in life: a refreshing dive in the bluest sea, a delicious risotto in a beautiful restaurant overlooking the tiny streets, a new pair of hand made sandals bought in a charming boutique or  a long walk accompanied by the sound of the Mediterranean sea and the perfume of the fragant island vegetation. That sums up our beloved slow-paced life. And all those little pleasures are elevated to exquisite luxury in Capri. Even more at this hotel.


Last time we didn’t stayed in such a luxurious hotel, but we sure would love this place to be our home for a few days in Capri. With its magnificent views, its Mediterranean cuisine and luxurious spa it would be the perfect headquarter to explore the island.



It’s easy to imagine  the perfect day at J.K. Place Capri: a lazy breakfast followed by a excursion or a mini cruise around the island, a light lunch by the pool, afternoon at la Piazetta enjoying a lemon ice cream , a little shopping spree (hand made sandals and Carthusia perfums are a must in Capri) and, finally, an unforgetable dinner under the stars…

Wouldn’t it be perfect? I hope you understand now why I tend to choose Italy. It’s almost inevitable.

Images via J.K. Place Capri

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