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The secret is…

terrace14 Even though my number one project for this season is renovating our entry way, the lovely weather that we enjoyed last week made me think about our balcony. We do have a nice balcony, south-oriented, that we never use because… well, we live in Germany and the weather is awful. But Spring will come eventually (hey, global warming!) and we could use the balcony!

Looking for some inspiration in Pinterest I’ve discovered the secret to a great balcony: a nice rug!!!

terrace6 terrace5

It adds texture to the space and makes balconies look like little living rooms, which totally makes sense because that is our aim: have an outdoor space where we can live during the three or four days of nice weather that we may have!

terrace4 terrace2 terrace1

terrace15 Wether you are looking for a laid-back or a more polished style, a rug would put it all together. terrace13 terrace12 terrace11 terrace10 terrace9 terrace8 terrace7

Our balcony needs a rug. It’s obvious. What about you? Do you have balconies? Back yards? Terraces?

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  1. Qué bonito es tener una terraza bien chula!! A mí es una de las estancias de la casa que más me gusta mimar especialmente cuando llega el buen tiempo :)
    Genial post de bonita inspiración!
    Un besito *

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