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Café Norden, Copenhagen

There is nothing better than a delicious brunch on a lovely sunny Sunday morning. Waking up to a wonderful blue sky, next to the person you love in a beautiful city is pure joy. That could be one of those moments in life when you are just happy and grateful for the simple fact of being alive. That kind of happiness can only be improved by… a great brunch! Quick shower, subtle make up and my favourite coat. Ready to enjoy!

Copenhagen is beautiful. We love it when it’s cold and cloudy. The colours of the houses stand out among the midst and the boats in the canals seem to be enchanted. But when it’s sunny and warm-ish… well, then we just adore it. The fresh sea breeze gives you rosie cheeks, the streets are full of happy people and the sun makes those green roofs shine like metal trees.

Feeling joyful and hungry we headed to one of our favourite places to grab a bite in the city: Café Norden. We already told you about their amazing burgers but this time we wanted to try their brunch. This cafe is the best place for people watching. We were shy to ask, but we would have loved to photograph more than a couple of looks. There were two gorgeous girls all bundled up in furs enjoying tea in the terrace, a middle age couple with leather jackets and beautiful grey hair, a picture perfect family celebrating their new born child… Maybe it was the temperature, the bright skies or the lovely food, but everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Even though the weather was nice, we decided to stay indoors. We are Spanish after all. Nordic warm temperatures are not terrace-appropriate for us. At least for now, let’s see what happens in a couple of years… Anyway! Let’s focus on food.

They offer two kinds of brunch, which are basically the same, but one of them can be washed down with champagne. We went for the abstemious brunch which had freshly baked bread, rye bread, homemade crisp bread (well, if it’s a great brunch it’s going to be carbloaded!), butter, homemade marmalade, Brie, Port Salut cheese, chilli sausage, salmon mixed with cream cheese and cucumber, fruit and a generous piece of cake. Wow, right? But we still had to choose some other treats: orange juice or strawberry and raspberry smoothie.


Finally we had to choose between their side orders: pancakes with maple syrup, scrambled eggs and bacon or yoghurt with honey and homemade muesli. P. chose the pancakes and I chose the eggs. We obviously shared afterwards.

What can we say? It was spectacular. We specially loved the homemade crisp bread. We paired it with the Brie cheese and were absolutely delighted. The pancakes were more like crepes. They had a lovely touch of lemon and some brown sugar grains that made some bites unexpectedly crunchy. And delicious. The salmon mixed with the cream cheese and cucumber was spicy and a true surprise. We thought we weren’t going to like it but we loved it.

All in all it was one of the best brunches we’ve ever had. If you visit Copenhagen you should really stop by Café Norden. It’s a lovely place, the food is beyond delicious and the atmosphere is fantastic.


Café Norden
Østergade 61, st. • 1100 København K •
Tlf.: +45 33 11 77 91

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