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Paul Ka

Imagine a collection where French charm meets A Roman holiday. That is what Paul Ka has prepared for this season. A lovely mixture of 60s French riviera and Dolce far niente. Obviously I adore it.

Don’t you think these two outfits would be the perfect choice for your spring working wardrobe?

Since I’m planning a trip with my family to Italy in May I just can’t help but imagine the outfits that I would love to wear. I don’t know about you, but I always imagine what I’m going to wear when I plan a trip. Vain? Maybe, but I love doing it! These would be perfect for the flight and the road trips.

The reason of this trip is a family celebration and the following trousers and light coat would be perfect for me to wear on this occasion. I would pair them with a light top, though. I hope the weather is good with us because I really need some sun and warmer temperatures.

Lastly, two perfect looks for a gelato run!

And the bags, have you seen the bags? Lovely, aren’t they?


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