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Happy birthday!


The slow pace turns two years old today!!! Our blog is a toddler!!! We are really proud of this little space of ours. During this time we’ve learnt a lot and, what is more important, we’ve realized that we want and need to learn more, see more, write more, take more pictures… More, more, more!!!

We have big plans for The slow pace. We wanted it to grow slowly, carefully and happily. And that is happening every day. But we still have lots of work to do! We are determined to improve our content, our pictures and our browsing experience. We are preparing a very nice Summer travel series, we will be focusing a little bit more in decor and home entertainment, we will look for the coolest fashion brands and we will try to attend more courses and meetings to take The slow pace to another level.

We really hope to see you around every day and keep in touch via our social media!


P. & E.

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Image via Zucker, Zimt und Liebe.


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