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Living abroad


Yesterday was our third German anniversary. We’ve been living in Germany for three years now. I just can’t believe it. We arrived in Bremen a really cold night after missing our connection at CDG airport. We were exhausted, angry and sad. My grandfather had had a heart attack the day before our departure so I was worried sick. I remember thinking: tomorrow everything would be better. (Scarlett O’Hara style).

My first impression the following morning: ravens, absolutely empty streets, grey skies and terribly cold and humid weather. Is my actual impression of this city and country better than the one I had that morning? Not really. But even though we have lived really difficult experiences during this period (loosing our grandparents, a couple of broken bones and other misfortunes), we have learnt a lot. I would say that we have grown professionally and emotionally like we never though we would. Mostly because of bad things, that is. But! There is always a but! We try to stay positive and focus on the bright side. So I’ve decided to make a list of the things we’ve loved and the things we’ve done during these years:

Travelling: we’ve visited Berlin, we’ve discovered one of the most beautiful German seaside village and we’ve fallen in love with Hamburg. We still have lots of places to visit in Germany, though!  But we have also made London our home for the weekend, we’ve travelled to charming little towns of Central Europe and we’ve escaped from the bad weather in different occasions ,being Algarve and Mallorca our favourite destinations for our short getaways.

Flowers: if there is anything I would miss if I ever leave this country, that would be buying flowers every week. There are flower shops everywhere, the prices are ridiculous and there is a very nice “flower” culture.  I’ve learnt how to arrange centerpieces and loved every minute of it.

Our home: I loved it at first, then hated it and now I love it again. We still have lots of things to improve (and we still have two boxes to unpack, glups) but it’s cosy, warm and pretty. Due to the terrible weather conditions and the lack of friends we have spent a looooooot of time at home, so it’s special. We love the fireplace, the wooden floors and the light that fills the house in the morning.

The Christmas market: I love Christmas and I love Bremen’s Christmas market. It makes me happy.

Food: since I live in Germany I don’t starve myself anymore. Maybe it’s because I don’t go out that much, maybe it’s because the pressure to be skinny is nonexistent here, maybe it’s because compared to other girls here I’m tiny (1.55 cm exactly) or maybe it’s because I just got hungry after all these years. Of course I’ve gained a few pounds  that  I don’t like that much. But I’m also healthier. No more stomach ache. One of the things we love the most of our life here is visiting the farmers market every Saturday. We buy the best vegetables and fruits, amazing cheeses and a pretty good Italian salami. See what we’ve cooked and the restaurants we’ve been to here!

This little blog: we started this blog as a hobby because we were lonely and bored and since then we’ve really had a great time working on this little project of ours. P. started working on her photography skills and I started writing. Our collaboration with El viajero is one of the best things that we’ve ever done. We love it.  We want to continue working and hopefully take The slow pace to another level.

I will check out this list more often in order to remember the nice things we’ve done and the things we love about Germany! What about you? Do you live abroad? Have you ever lived abroad? If so, what are your favourite things about it?

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  1. It’s interesting to see Germany from your perspective. For instance I didn’t know we had a somehow special “flower culture” here. I’ve never been living abroad for a longer time, but I often find it hard to adjust to new circumstances. I hope you will make some better experiences in the future!

  2. I think they good is definitely outweighing the bad! I have a dream about attending the German Christmas markets! And those flowers are just beautiful, I wish we had more flower shops in the USA.

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