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The Admiral hotel, Copenhagen

This hotel is an exception in Copenhagen. No black and white minimal Nordic design. The Admiral hotel, a converted 18th century warehouse, is all about modern rustic comfort. This hotel gets everything right: from the location (a walking distance from the main cultural attractions and shopping areas) to its restaurant, Salt, where the modern Nordic cuisine combines the best traditional Danish products with a huge dose of imagination.

The lobby welcomes the guest with a mixture of light wood beams and vibrant pops of colour. Designed by Conrad & Partners, the hotel preserves its maritime origins but adds a new, modern approach. This hotel is huge (366 rooms) and so is the reception desk. The staff is nice and will help you to find the best things to do in the city, like taking for a ride one of the bycicles that the hotel offers to its guests. During our visit the weather was not very bycicle friendly, so we didn’t get the chance to profit from this service. I’ll guess we have to come back in Summer!
admiral_3We were very lucky and got a junior suite for a really convenient price. We booked it last minute through the hotel’s website. We had a comfortable sitting area with a nice working desk. The open wooden staircase lead to a beautiful upper floor with a king size bed, the perfect love nest if I may say so.

The hotel atmosphere was so comfortable and cosy and the weather outside was so terrible that we decided to stay in that night and have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant: Salt. I can assure you it was a great decission. Being Copenhagen such a foodie destination, where a new restaurant seems o pop up every other week, it’s always difficult to choose your place for dinner. Well, Salt is a great option.
admiral_salt_9 We started with a salt tasting. You could choose from Maldon salt, Guerande salt and Laeso salt, which you can also buy in the restaurant. We are addicted to Maldon salt but we were happily surprised by the Guerande salt. It was finer but stronger. I always say so, but simple things in life are the best: a slice of warm bread with a nice knob of butter and a pinch of salt can be the most exquisite delicacy.
admiral_salt_6And speaking of simple things… The appetizer was my favourite part of the meal! A smoked cod mousse with the most amazing chip. As easy as that. It was beyond delicious. Full of flavour and super smooth… it was a little crispy piece of heaven.
admiral_salt_8I ordered the Rib Eye steak with grilled heart lettuce, horseradish, and parsley served with home-made pommes frites, and sauce Béarnaise. The meat was tender and moist, which is difficult to find if you like your meat well done. But the true queens of the table were the pommes frites. Oh my!
admiral_salt_1P. ordered the grilled sausage and salted neck of pork with split peas, mustard, and onion. It seemed a very strong mix but it was surprisingly light.
admiral_salt_5If you think we didn¡t order dessert… well, then you haven’t read this blog before. Of course we ordered dessert! We always do!! We had the ice cream selection: vanilla, caramel and raspberry with a delicious chocolate souce. The ice cream was served over a bed of seeds, which made every spoonful crunchy and a little but spicy.

admiral_salt_dessertWith full and happy bellies we returned to our room, where the sun woke us the next morning. Only to leave us a few moments later… Snif, sinf!

Sadly, we didn’t get one of the rooms that overlook the harbour but look at our views! Not bad, huh? That is the Royal palace and the most beautiful Copenhaguen’s rooftops.

admiral_6We can’t give you our opinion about the hotel’s breakfast because we have booked a table at DagH Cafe where we had the most delicious brunch. Another reason to go back to this lovely hotel… we have to review its breakfast!

The Admiral Hotel
Toldbodgade 24 – 28 | DK – 1253 Copenhagen K
Ph. +45 33 74 14 14
Book your room here.

Salt restaurant
Toldbodgade 24 – 28 | DK – 1253 Copenhagen K
Ph. +45 33 74 14 44
Book a table here.

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  1. How funny is that that I’ve actually stayed in this hotel and can review the breakfast for you…Let me tell you , you don’t need to go back for the breakfast…when we stayed there were lots of people, maybe that did it, but the breakfast was no good at all. Really dissapointed since I’m a real breakfast person. Much because of the breakfast I wouldn’t book this hotel again. Glad you enjoyed the rest of it however. xo Caroline

    • Really? Then I’m very glad we went to DagH café for brunch! I thought that since the food at Salt restaurant was very good, breakfast would be nice too. But thanks for the tip! By the way, if you can recommend us some good breakfast places we would love to hear! We are breakfast people too :)

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