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Avoid pink: Perugia

Last instalment of our Valentine’s mini series. Today we suggest you a nice little trip to Perugia, a city that will transport you to another times. Home of our beloved Baci, the chocolates with love messages, Perugia couldn’t be a better destination for a getaway with your significant other.

– Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Visit the Perugina factory and enjoy their all-you-can-eat tasting. If that’s not enough, try the chocolate ice cream of Cioccolateria Augusta Perusia or buy a nice box of chocolates in La Fonte maggiore ( Via della Gabbia).
– Visit the Capella di san Severo (Piazza Raffaello) for your daily dose of art. For more Umbrian art, go to galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria or the Palazzo dei Priori.
– Admire the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo and explore the nearby Pozzo Etrusco (Piazza Danti).
– If you fel adventurous, visit the villages of Spello, Gubbio or Asisi. All three of them are less than 50 kilometers away from Perugia.
– Try the unstructured carbonara that Marco Bistarelli prepares in his restaurant Il Postale (Strada Montevile).
– Admire the Fontana Maggiore in Piazza IV Novembre, built between 1275 and 1278.
– Get lost in the tiny streets and dream about leaving everything behind and move to Italy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little series and we want to wish you the best Valentine’s! And if you don’t like Valentine’s or even if you hate it… well, at least is Friday!

PS: Porto and Budapest.

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