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DagH cafe, Copenhagen

Let’s put our healthy lunches aside for a moment and focus on one of the best things in life: brunch. I read about this place here and I immediately knew it would become one of our favourite spots in Copenhagen.

Placed in Osterbro, a classy area full of designer shops and modern cafes, DagH is a nice 20 minutes walk away from the city center. We new we were in for a good time as soon as we enter the place. The decor is as sober and clean as Copenhagen. A classic beautiful front bar welcomes the visitor. Soon, an incredibly handsome waiter with a black total look and Nike snikers (apparently that is the uniform of cool beautiful people in Copenhagen) will guide you to your table. With a smile and perfect English. God, I love this city!
We ordered the brunch and the veggie brunch. And a side of American pancakes with blueberry and maple syrup. And two orage juices. And two large capuccinos. You know us… keeping everything light!
While we were sipping our fresh orange juices, we couldn’t stop looking at the people that were having brunch next to us. Weird, even rude maybe, but they were oh so pretty, elegant and easy going that we just couldn’t help it. Nice couples, prettier versions of Gwyneth Paltrow and picture perfect families. It felt like a microcosm of the neighbourhood. Lots of girls were wearing fake fur vests and jackets. I was wearing my fake fur jacket so… you know, I felt trendy and über cool.
Until our orders came to the table and I forgot my coolness and I got super excited. I always get excited when someone places nice delicious food right under my nose. I can’t help it. I guess the fact that I starved myself for years has something to do with it…
Anyway! The pancakes were light and fluffy and I’ve been told that’s the best thing you can say about an American pancake. I am not the biggest fan of maple syrup but it was the perfect partner, I have to confess. They were a side order, so we got three fantastic pancakes. Honestly, I would have eaten three more!
Both brunches were served beautifully. The organic soft boiled eggs were a highlight: perfectly cooked with a really creamy yolk. Absolutely delicious. Sometimes simple things are the best, right? The (again) organic skyr with syrup and granola was spectacular. Sweet but not overly so, with a great texture contrast.
The cheeses were lovely, the butter was unexpectedly good (we weren’t expecting to be surprised by butter!) and the ham from Grambogaard was a great discovery.
With its attentive service, tempting food, warm candle light and stylish public, DagH is possibly the best place to start your day in Copenhagen.
Dag H
Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 38
2100 København
Book you table: [email protected]

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  3. tinafuss says

    Danes definitely know how to put on a good brunch! I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit! xx

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