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Out & About Carnaby Street

Carnaby street begins with 90’s Brit pop and a cinnamon cupcake. It continues with classic rock and hamburgers served by a guy in a tiki shirt.

British pubs, like the famous Shakespeare’s head, and girls with orange hair epitomize the contrasts, the mess, the fun and the peculiar atmosphere of this London landmark. The new restaurants of the hidden Kingly Court fight with the old fashioned oyster and tapas bars. The boys and girls walking up and down the street wear the craziest trends in an inspiring fashion face off. If you look closely, you will always find an amazed tourist trying to catch the scene with his camera.

Sheltered under a glittery Union Jack, Carnaby street is a vibrant yet tiny battle field for the old and the new, that classic rivalry that somehow impulses a sense of community. Fashion has always been the banner of the street and now international big brand shops coexist with independent boutiques.

For a quieter and hipster vibe, turn around and head to Newburgh. This cobblestone street is full of oh so British Victorian red brick buildings with black details which host a little jewelry shop (Joe Everley), an Italian brand of sneakers (Superga) and a workshop of creative analogue photography (Lomography). Now, that is an statement.

Finally, for those who look for a traditional yet trend setting ambiance, Liberty, the department store known for its floral prints, is a mandatory stop. Take home a little souvenir and a lovely and exclusive floral perfume by Le Labo. Old and new again. Oh, but that is London!

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