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Our love is deeper everyday


No, I’m not talking about us and the upcoming Saint Valentine fuss. I’m talking about JCrew. You know we love it. We adore it. Even our wedding dresses were JCrew. But after visiting their store on Regent Street in London we are just head over heels.

We saw all those amazing mix and match outfits alive. The prints, oh the prints!, the basics with a twist and the shoes. THE SHOES. We left our heart with the shoes. In my opinion they were a little overpriced, but the design and the quality were great. The slightly pointy pumps were my absolute favourite. There was this precious pair in particular with a rich pink, purple and green print topped with a brooch that was just… beautiful. And I don’t want to forget the statement jewelry. The necklaces were stunning, glittery, shiny, huge! Just what an effortlessly cool scheme needs to end up being vibrant!
Since we were flying with Ryanair (don’t judge. If you lived in Bremen you’d fly with Ryanair too) we couldn’t take everything we wanted with us, but we took home a sweet silk blouse with a lovely print of little birds and a preppy navy skirt (annoyingly enough, I can’t find these pieces on the web, grrrr! Otherwise I would show you!). Everything was from the new season. Obviously. No sales for us, it would have been smart.

The shop was smaller than we expected but it buzzed with that smart casual vibe that only JCrew knows how to pull off. The dressing rooms were like an oasis of peace in the middle of the city, something very strange if I may say so. Normally dressing rooms are like little mine fields, chaotic and… well uncomfortable. Not here. If you saw our Instagram feed yesterday (@theslowpace) you could notice a terribly organized dress room. Well, that was the work of an incredibly nice Portugese shop assistant (with great hair, by the way) who left everything there for me in a way I’ve never seen before. We were treated like we were important and pretty. And I don’t know about you but that is what I want.
So, all in all, a great shopping experience. And great, great, great clothes. Don’t you love them?


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