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A special weekend in Barcelona

It’s been five years since we visited Barcelona the last time. Too long! Lately we’ve been thinking about its avantgard atmosphere, the sea breeze, the cool shops and museums and the incredibly beautiful architecture. Wouldn’t it be a great destination for a Winter getaway? We could escape to milder temperatures, light sunshine and the sea… oh, the sea!

mercer_barcelona_2We recently read about the Mercer Hotel in one of our favourite travel magazines and we’ve decided that it would be the perfect headquarters for a special weekend in Barcelona. This lovely hotel is located in an historical building that incorporates part of the Roman walls of the ancient city of Barcino, some of which date back to the 1st century A.D. and medieval paintings discovered in the 28th defence tower. Placed in the heart of the Barri Gòtic, it has been recently renovated by Rafael Moneo. That’s a guarantee of a good work.
mercer_barcelona_4With two restaurants, a cocktail lounge and a terrace overlooking Barcelona, the hotel is an experience on its own. But there are so many things to do in Barcelona!
mercer_barcelona_5One of the best things that you can do in Barcelona, or in Spain for that matter, is eating. There are two places that we would love to visit in this our imaginary special weekend in Barcelona. One of them is Tens Barcelona , a tapas bar created by the very famous chef Jordi Cruz. Now is when we tell you that we are huge fans of the Spanish version of the TV show Master Chef and Jordi Cruz is one of its judges ;) Anyway, look at that…



tens_3Other restaurant with great reviews is Chez Coco, an absolutely beautiful rotisserie. We would love to try the poultry because they have an amazing roasting area à la broche! Theit “Eggs with history” sound delicious to!

chez_coco_2They also offer a sophisticated Take Away, but who would want to miss that stunning decor?

We will keep dreaming about Barcelona and these wonderful places. Maybe our dream comes true sooner that expected!

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  1. Lo debisteis pasar genial!!! Soy de Barcelona y no conozco estos sitios,qué mal, jeje ;P
    Tomo nota ya :)
    Un besito!

  2. Laura says

    the food looks soooo yummy ! i’ll probably go there when i’ll be in Bcn next week… but unfortunatly i can’t afford your hotel so i booked an apartment on this website ! Can’t wait to discover the city, your pictures are so beautiful ….

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