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Valentino Pre-Fall 2014

Ok, let’s be honest, this is more a “we dream about this!”, than a “we need this!”, though we love it so much that you can say that we really need it. Anyway! I’m talking about the Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. Everything in these pictures is so wearable, so lovely, so comfy yet luxurious… We love it/need it/ daydream about it!
More images after the jump!

Valentino_006_1366.450x675Before you keep browsing, please notice the shoes. I love them all!
Valentino_014_1366.450x675I really need the following outfit for next Sunday…

Valentino_027_1366.450x675Want, want, want!
Valentino_031_1366.450x675And this one would be perfect for Saturday…
Valentino_040_1366.450x675Gwyneth can’t be wrong. If she took this to the Globes…
Valentino_042_1366.450x675This smoking / cape / I don’t know how to call it is so perfect!

Oh well… we will keep on dreaming…

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