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Mercado de la reina, Madrid

mercado_de_la_reina_1Back to Madrid to share with you another moment spent with friends around a table full of tasty food. This time we wanted to talk you about a lovely restaurant is placed in Gran Vía, the heart of Madrid, which offers the most delicious traditional food that I’ve eaten in a long time. The quality of the products is outstanding and that pays off on the plate.

mercado_de_la_reina_2I was there twice during the same week, so I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I loved it. The first time we had dinner with our friends and their 8 year old daughter. The second time I got back with my friend to have lunch before going shopping. In this place you can eat with you family, book a table for a lunch meeting and even finish the day at their Gin Club. The atmosphere is fantastic any time of the day.
mercado_de_la_reina_6While I was waiting for my friend, I enjoyed a little nice appetizer. Olives and herb butter with delicious pieces of bread.
mercado_de_la_reina_4But let’s get to the point. The food. This pictures were taken during our girls’ lunch. There was a nice lunch menu, but we preferred to share some dishes. First of them, salmorejo. For those of you who don’t know what salmorejo is, let me tell you. It’s the older brother of gazpacho, much creamier and thicker. It’s served with a little bit of egg and ham. And it’s delicious!

mercado_de_la_reina_5After salmorejo we ate huevos fritos con patatas y chistorra. I’m not even going to translate that. You should go to Spain and eat some. That dish was THE BOMB. Let’s get a closer look at it…
mercado_de_la_reina_7After such a filling dish, we went for a light and wonderful grilled octopus with balsamic vinegar. Super thin sliced, just how I like it.

mercado_de_la_reina_8And well, I had to order dessert. The day we had dinner with our friends here I left my heart with the chocolate mousse. This was my last chance to try it, so I didn’t hesitate! And it didn’t disappoint me. Though the texture was less airy than expected, the intense chocolate flavour was amazing.
mercado_de_la_reina_9After such a feast, we went shopping. That was a perfect day. Sigh! Anyway, if you want to give this restaurant a try, you’d better book in advance! It’s always really crowded.

Mercado de la Reina
C/Gran Vía 12
+ 0034.91.5213198

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