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Weekend Style Icons: Arty Filles

Finally Friday! Yay! I hope you have lots of great plans for the weekend. In the meantime, our lovely Weekend Style Icons section is back with lots of inspiring bloggers to help you create lovely weekend looks! The first icons of the year are the Arty Filles

arty5I saw this picture on Pinterest and I loved it, so I started searching for the girl who was wearing that cool outfit. I really don’t know who they are, and I say they because I think there is more than one girl behind this blog… but the one on the pictures does know how to dress casually yet chic.
arty2Her coat collection is amazing. Envy!

arty8She has this tomboy vibe that we love. But wait to see her with skirts…
arty10Amazing, right? We love the fact that she mostly wear flats. You know that we do love flats, don’t you? Her/their blog has very nice deco-inspiration posts, you should check it out!

More images and inspiration in her/their blog Arty Filles.

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