Year: 2013

The Christmas market

I love Christmas!!! I adore it!! That’s why, for me, the first day we visit the Christmas market in Bremen is one of the happiest days of the year. It’s so beautiful!!! The little shops, the hot chocolate, the lights, the music, the people all happy and… well, drunk, but happy! So I thought I have to share with you some pictures of our first visit to the Christmas market. I hope you like it!

Xmas series: what couples want

Today we want to give you some ideas to get the perfect present for those lovely couples in your life. Sometimes two of your friends or two of your family members come as a pack: your cousin and his lovely girlfriend, those friends who are together since the beginning of times, your parents… Why not giving them a present that suits both of them? 1 & 2: two lovely sweaters for those cosy afternoons they love to spend at their favourite cafe. You can get these at The Kooples. 3 & 4: music or DVD box sets. Which couple doesn’t like cuddling up in the sofa while enjoying their favourite music or film? You can go for the classics: Beatles or James Bond. 5 & 6: Cooking and travelling together are the most popular hobbies for couples, so these books would be a great gift. Yesterday we shared a recipe of this book,Nigella Express, so you already know that we love it. And every traveller or foodie couple would love this book. And since couples …

Chicken, mushroom and bacon pie

I didn’t know who Nigella Lawson was. That’s awful and unforgivable, I know. But the moment my friend V. introduced me to her books I became a huge fan. We’ve been trying some of her recipes but I have to admit that the ones included in her book Nigella express are our fave because they are all about good fast food. Everything in that book is easy, comforting and delicious. Besides, the recipes require almost no time to be on the plate ready to be eaten.

In my suitcase: the festive clutch

Last week we started our holiday suitcase with a velvet blazer and today we are choosing a festive clutch that can be our best friend during the holiday season. Essential for parties and special dinners it can also dress up a more casual outfit. 1. This Lanvin clutch can be a great investment piece. Its print will add the best twist to the most serious attire. 2. Sweet and rock-ish. This delightful clutch would be perfect for the youngest ladies in the house. Those first Christmas parties… 3. Zara always has something for you. This baroque clutch would be the perfect way to light up a total black look. 4. A modern classic. Alexander Wang Tri-Fold texture-leather clutch which happens to be on sale. 55% off! 5. Another black clutch that can be wear as a crossbody bag too. The golden chain ornament makes it festive but not overly so. 6. We’ve already talked about this clutch on our Facebook page. Isn’t it lovely? 7. And finally, the most festive of all the clutches: a gold …

Xmas series: what the gentlemen want

This is a guift guide for the gentlemen in our lives. Dads, grandfathers, brothers or husbands. Those men who are elegant and charming. They would like something sober, tasteful but practical. Here you have some ideas: 1. Gentlemen are elegant. That’s a fact. So you can surprise your gentleman with a lovely wool jacket with a slim modern cut. This one has the classic British touch. 2. The most amazing men fragance. A mix of grapefruit, pepper, geranium, vetiver, patchouli, pepper and grapefruit notes. It’s a clean and classy scent. 3. Harrods tangerine marmalade with orange liqueur. For a refined palate and slow paced breakfasts. 4. Penguin or reindeer wine racks designed by award winning desingner Choi Jinyoung of Conte Bleu. A perfect gift for a wine lover or as a main piece for the gentleman’s perfect bar cart. 5. Made to order personalised square map location cufflinks. Gentlemen always wear cufflinks and these ones can capture those cherished locations that hold an extra special memory. 6. For those who love photography, the Brixton camera …

Scandic Front, Copenhagen

As you know, we spent las weekend in Copenhagen. Since it was a very last minute decision we didn’t have time to look for a hotel the way we usually do, that is, looking in thousand webs, comparing, reading all the reviews etc. But we were really lucky to find a free room at the Scandic Front.

The soft and warm furry coat

I love furry coats but they are not made for me. I’m too small and too curvy to look good on them. But they are so sof and warm and… soft! I need one! I want one! This cute number is from Hoss Intropia and it couldn’t be lovelier. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality of this brands’ items is always outstanding. I think this could be the one for me. And as their slogan says… When the weather outside is frightful, wrap up in a coat that’s delightful! ;) PS: this one would do the trick too… You can follow us on Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you! And we are on Pinterest too!

Xmas series: what a girly girl wants.

In the next few days we are going to post some little gift guides to help you find nice presents for your loved ones. Today we will start with the girls. Everyone knows a girly girl. It can be your niece, your cousin, your sister, your best friend, your girlfriend or yourself! Finding a great gift for these girls is usually super easy! They like almost everything from clothes, to accessories, make up or pretty things in general! But in case you don’t feel inspired, here you have some ideas: 1. This bag is super cute but it would also be perfect for a more rock-ish style girl. 2. Red and moisturised: those are the perfect lips. Give someone the possibility to get them with this lip tint. 3. There are a few things girlier than a Benefit product. This kit has some of the bestsellers from Benefit. It’s just great. 4. Almond oil for perfect skin. It’s a must to get that flawless, soft and smooth skin. 5. A French LBD can be the …

Yummy weekend in Copenhagen

We spent this weekend in Copenhagen. It was a last minute decision and it was wonderful! We enjoyed every minute of it! Copenhagen is one of our favourite cities, it has so much to offer and the people are gorgeous and kind. Since it’s Monday and Monday means delicious food for The slow pace, here you have some yummy addresses in case you visit the city and you don’t know where to eat: Lagkagehuset: a great place to buy all kinds of Danish pastries, sandwiches and small salads, if you don’t want to do carbs. But we recommend that you try carbs here. Lots of them. If you are on the go you can grab a couple of their delicious sandwiches or even have a quick but amazing breakfast at one of its different locations. Ol&Grill: if you love meat, you’ll love this place. Fantastic hamburgers and sirloin steaks. Look at that picture!!!Placed in the famous Nyhavn, it can be full of tourists but well, if you are there you probably are a tourist!! The …

In my suitcase: the velvet blazer

This month is going to be all about series! Apart from our Xmas series, we will be adding a weekly post about those items that we think should be in your suitcase this holidays. Lets start with an old classic: the velvet blazer. This piece will dress up a simple jeans and white shirt look, it can be the perfect way to warm up your party outfits and adds a lovely masculine touch that makes every girl look cooler. It’s like the grown up fancy sister of the leather jacket! 1. Black velvet and black satin equals elegant and super sexy party look. Pair it with a pencil skirt or sharply cut pants. 2. If you are looking for comfort and a boho party look try this blazer together with an embroidered vintage top and harem pants. Add a lovely strappy sandal to achieve that festive look. 3. This is the basic version. Perfect with jeans, shirt and a pair of loafers. Great for family lunches and Christmas shopping sprees. Black velvet and black satin equals elegant and super sexy party look. Pair it …