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Xmas series: what kids want

Today we share with you the last chapter of this year’s gift guide. And it’s dedicated to the little ones. We’ve put together a few items that would be great for kids… and for us too. I mean: how amazing are the Superman pyjamas and the baking kit?

1. This kit would be perfect for little bakers. It has all you need to make cookies even more delicious.

2. I used to love Walkie Talkies when I was a kid. These ones are super cool, right? Perfect for adventures in the garden!

3. Pyjamas with super powers to fight nightmares.

4. These personalised hairbrushes are a very special gift that kids will treasure when they grow up. The brush quality is a mixture of pure boar bristle and nylon or pure bristle. The pure bristle is perfect as a first hairbrush or for children with very fine hair.

5. Warm koala slipper boots for those tiny feet.

6. A Barbie. A ballerina Barbie, to be exact. Barbie is not the best role model, I know. But almost every little girl wants a pink Barbie who dances. Pink + Barbie + ballerina. That is everything.

PS: TSP gift guides for girls, gentlemen and couples.


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