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Xmas series: DIY table decor and settings

Today we want to share with you some easy ideas to decorate your table or any corner of your home this Christmas.

You will need just a few things available in every craft store. I bought some things, but most of the items you are going to see, like the vases or the candle holders, are pieces that we already had at home. As allways I started with a colour palette. I’m quite obsessed with colour palettes, actually. Anyway… I am quite classic when it comes to Christmas, so I chose red, green and gold for more rustic pieces and blue and silver for a more modern effect. I don’t know why but I always use the more traditional and homey patterns for Christmas Eve and more sophisticated and colder shades and materials for New Years Eve.
centros_2Since at Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas day lunch tables are usually full of trays, plates, bottles and most importantly, tons of food, I usually prefer little center pieces. They dress up the table and give the perfect touch without obstructing the conversations and  the  food bustle.
centros_3Evergreen branches, red cranberries and some pretty golden stars combine perfectly. Add a nice vintage style ribbon to put everything together.
centros_6Pine cones are allways a good choice. Since they grow in a huge variety of shapes, try to put together different ones. The stars add the sparkle and prevent the piece from looking boring.

Little tags are adorable. I found these in IKEA. You can use them when wrapping your Christmas presents but they look cute in these little vases too.  I like to use raffia or any other natural fabric to hold them. These three little center pieces would be perfect for the kids table, don’t you think?

centros_4Candles guarantee a festive yet charming atmosphere. I find that this blue colour is the perfect match to those glittery ornaments. The pinecones create a rustic seasonal contrast. 

centros_7You can try the same design with different candle holders… Let your imagination flow and make the most of the pieces you already have at home.
centros_12My favourite center pieces are those made with fruits or vegetables. This arrangement, for instance, is made with seasonal fruits: oranges, clementines and a big pomegranate. The sparkling stars and the satin ribbon say festive, while the evergreen branches and the the  pinecones keep it natural.
centros_8You can use these little pieces as place settings too. Use a simple small vase, a nice candle and a golden star to make your guests feel warm and welcomed. You can use the tags, from IKEA again, to write their names.
centros_9If you don’t have time, you can make these quick place cards using your tags, the espresso cups where your guests will  enjoy their coffee at the end of the meal and some glittery ornaments. It’s super easy and fun.  Just try to stick to a couple of colours.  See? Colour palettes again…

To finish I wanted to go back to the first image of this post. If you have a very big table and you don’t have too many guests you can always create a big center piece and place it on one of the sides of the table. Here I used some cotton flowers, wood, vintage style ribbon and red accents. Simple and natural.

We hope you have enjoyed this post. Do you have any good DIY center pieces ideas to share? Please let us know! And if you decide to go for one of these DIYs these holidays, please take a picture and tag us on Instagram!

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    • Hola Olga! Es que aquí es imposible no empaparse de espíritu navideño! Bueno, no me quejo… que me encanta. Si por mi fuera, durante esta época me mudaba al mercado de Navidad directamente! :)

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