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Hotel Matthiol, Zermatt

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When I saw this picture on Pinnterest a couple of weeks ago I almost cry. That is exactly the place I dream about in Christmas! A wooden chalet with inviting lights in the middle of the mountains. Isn’t it picture perfect?

This is the Matthiol Hotel. A magical place with breathtaking views of the Matterhorn and an elegant alpine atmosphere. Placed in Zermatt, a treck away from the town center, it’s just perfect if you want to enjoy a relaxing break surrounded by nature. But with all comfort.
01_Master Suite
07_Suite 8
The hotel has a spa that looks amazing and offers massages, personal training sessions as well as beauty treatments. How wonderful would it be to start the day with a delicious breakfast overlooking the white landscape,  spend the morning on the mountains, have a lovely hot chocolate while visiting the lovely town of Zermatt in the afternoon and end your day with a relaxing massage and a sauna? I’m writing about it and I’m already daydreaming…
01_Whirlpool 3
05_Ruheraum 3
04_Finnische Sauna
I don’t know about you, but I think this could be the perfect place to get lost this Christmas and never come back.
hotel matthiol sunset 002 - Kopie
Matthiol Hotel
Moosstrasse 40
3920 Zermatt
Tel. +41 27 968 17 17
Fax +41 27 968 17 18
[email protected]

PS: 10 rooms with a view and the most amazing luxury camping.

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  1. A mi también me encantaría pasar allí las Navidades. Ya sabéis de que en España es difícil encontrar un lugar así. Precioso!!! Un besito;)

    • Uy, en el norte de Navarra puedes encontrar sitios parecidos. No tan lujosos, eso si. :P En la zona que limita con el País Vasco y los Pirineos hay muchos pueblecitos que parecen sacados de un cuento. Te recomiendo mucho un viajecito por allí!
      Gracias por comentar!
      Feliz finde!

      • Gracias por la info!! Es verdad de que el norte de España no lo conozco y lo tengo pendiente de hace mucho tiempo. Apuntado para el invierno que viene en Navidades! Besitos;)

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