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The Christmas market

I love Christmas!!! I adore it!! That’s why, for me, the first day we visit the Christmas market in Bremen is one of the happiest days of the year. It’s so beautiful!!! The little shops, the hot chocolate, the lights, the music, the people all happy and… well, drunk, but happy! So I thought I have to share with you some pictures of our first visit to the Christmas market. I hope you like it!

First things first: the Christmas tree!! Even though German families won’t decorate their tree until December 23rd, every Christmas market has a huge tree. A friend told me once that it’s a great honor for farmers that one of their trees end up all pretty and cheerful in one of the many Christmas market in the country.
I love the atmosphere of the market… It’s magical!
The year we moved to Germany we started our own Christmas family tradition: ever year in our first visit to the Christmas market we would buy an ornament for our Christmas tree. The first year we bought a little porcelain angel, last year a typical wooden ornament and this year… well we bought more than one. Ups. I couldn’t help it! There is so much to choose from!
We also got one of these houses. You can light a candle inside and it looks so cosy and festive!
We usually head to the river to enjoy the little Chistmas market that is placed in the promenade.
This is a medieval themed market and there are lots of games and stands for kids. Look at this amazing castle! Our nephew will love it!
And, of course, there is no Christmas market without tons of food! The truth is that although the offer is huge, the quality is not very good. I try to stick to freshly smoked Norwegian salmon rolls…
And Poffertjes! A traditional Dutch treat that is delicious with a generous touch of Nutella :)
But Christmas season is not inaugurated until we have our first Glühwein and hot chocolate!
How cute are those mugs? Every year they change the design so we collect them! Oh, and that Glühwein was a special one… with a shot of Amaretto! Funcy, huh?

Oh, I love Bremen at Christmas!

Click in the images to enlarge them!

PS: 10 things to do at the Christmas market. Just for Spanish readers, sorry!


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