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Xmas series: what couples want

Gift couples
Today we want to give you some ideas to get the perfect present for those lovely couples in your life. Sometimes two of your friends or two of your family members come as a pack: your cousin and his lovely girlfriend, those friends who are together since the beginning of times, your parents… Why not giving them a present that suits both of them?
1 & 2: two lovely sweaters for those cosy afternoons they love to spend at their favourite cafe. You can get these at The Kooples.
3 & 4: music or DVD box sets. Which couple doesn’t like cuddling up in the sofa while enjoying their favourite music or film? You can go for the classics: Beatles or James Bond.
5 & 6: Cooking and travelling together are the most popular hobbies for couples, so these books would be a great gift. Yesterday we shared a recipe of this book,Nigella Express, so you already know that we love it. And every traveller or foodie couple would love this book.

And since couples usually share a nest, help them to make theirs prettier!
1. A beautiful mirrow to light up their entry way.
2. A new old classic: the perfect armchair.
3. The most exquisite scents in this beautiful holiday coffret.
4. What about some little coffee cups? Perfect for Christmas breakfasts!
5. The most amazing Spanish extra virgin olive oil.
6. A lovely dinner service by Zara Home.
7. This is my favourite item: a personalised house portrait. Isn’t it wonderful?
8. Vintage trunks to store all those tiny little memories: pictures, movie tickets, old postcards…

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