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Chicken, mushroom and bacon pie


I didn’t know who Nigella Lawson was. That’s awful and unforgivable, I know. But the moment my friend V. introduced me to her books I became a huge fan. We’ve been trying some of her recipes but I have to admit that the ones included in her book Nigella express are our fave because they are all about good fast food. Everything in that book is easy, comforting and delicious. Besides, the recipes require almost no time to be on the plate ready to be eaten.

Last Sunday we prepared the these amazing chicken, mushroom and bacon pies. We’ve done them before because they are so flavorful, rich and tempting that they have become one of our favourite meals this season. So we thought to share it with you. Find the recipe in Nigella’s web clicking here but we really advise you to buy the book. You’ll love it!

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