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Xmas series: what the gentlemen want

This is a guift guide for the gentlemen in our lives. Dads, grandfathers, brothers or husbands. Those men who are elegant and charming. They would like something sober, tasteful but practical. Here you have some ideas:

1. Gentlemen are elegant. That’s a fact. So you can surprise your gentleman with a lovely wool jacket with a slim modern cut. This one has the classic British touch.
2. The most amazing men fragance. A mix of grapefruit, pepper, geranium, vetiver, patchouli, pepper and grapefruit notes. It’s a clean and classy scent.
3. Harrods tangerine marmalade with orange liqueur. For a refined palate and slow paced breakfasts.
4. Penguin or reindeer wine racks designed by award winning desingner Choi Jinyoung of Conte Bleu. A perfect gift for a wine lover or as a main piece for the gentleman’s perfect bar cart.
5. Made to order personalised square map location cufflinks. Gentlemen always wear cufflinks and these ones can capture those cherished locations that hold an extra special memory.
6. For those who love photography, the Brixton camera bag would be the perfect gift. Made with a light wax finish that develops a rich patina over time, this bag will only get better with age. Just like a gentleman.
7. This book is addictive and inspiring. It explains the daily rituals and anecdotes of lots of artists. Ideal for the more bohemian gentlemen.

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