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Xmas series: DIY Christmas cards

christmas_cards_2 We’ve never sent Christmas cards as a couple. It’s weird because we’ve been together for almost thirteen years and married for almost three years now so it was about time, huh? Some weeks ago I decided that this year not only would we send pretty Christmas cards to our friends and family, but also we would make them ourselves! I’m not a very crafty person, that is why I went for the easiest way possible. I am very proud of the result so I thought it would be nice to share the process with you.

christmas_cards_13 We bought some beautiful cards in a local printing house. I think it’s very important to look for a nice quality paper. Your cards would look way better! Then we got these lovely rubber stamps from Paper Poetry, a brand that I discovered not so long ago but has become my new obssesion. Since this cute set had several cross-stitch motifs, the possibilities were endless. So we just tried to be creative and had a great time creating our personalized Chistmas cards! We bought a lighter shade of ink, a soft grey that we thought would look nicer. But you can go crazy and choose glittery ink, be more traditional and choose the good old red or green… again, there are thousands of possibilities! The only piece of advice that I would give you is that you should stick to a colour palette. Finally we add some washi tape because nowadays you just can’t do crafts without washi tape. It’s mandatory. And it’s nice too. christmas_cards_15

christmas_cards_14 christmas_cards_12christmas_cards_10 And well, this is not rocket science. We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon trying designs and thinking which one would be best for each of our friends and family members, playing with the rubber stamps and the washi tape. christmas_cards_9 christmas_cards_8 christmas_cards_7 If you decide to create your own custom Christmas card just try to have fun. They are not supposed to be perfect. They are hand made, charming and most of all, made with lots of love. Your friends would love them because you created them specially for them. Well, at least we hope our friends will love them! I will let you know! christmas_cards_5 christmas_cards_4 christmas_cards_3 christmas_cards_1 PS: You can follow us on BloglovinFacebookTwitter and Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you! And we are on Pinterest too!


    • Gracias Izael! Nosotras este año hemos mandado las felicitaciones prontito, que luego se nos echa el tiempo encima y al final no enviamos nada! ;)
      Nos encanta tu estilo! Y tus gafas! :*
      E & P

  1. Hey there, friends! Missy here with you today to share a page I created using lots of LMT washi tapes. I’m a huge sucker for rainbows, and they’re fun to create…especially when your photos are black and white. I started off with white cardstock and an arrow stencil. I used black ink to lightly brush on the arrows. I then used a small circle mask that I created myself and cut on my Cameo. I used a rainbow selection of spray inks to create “rainbow ombre” effect across the page. Next came the washi strips! Easy peasy…just peel and stick to add to each color block. I added some stamps and some of those tiny little glass beads.

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