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AB NATURAL, the new collection by Antonio Bayona


Today we are thrilled to wellcome in our blog the new collection of Antonio Bayona: AB NATURAL. After two fantastic collections: AB Colours and AB Basics, AB goes back to the roots of the art of jewellery: precious metals and natural gemstones. AB Natural consists of four pieces made of sterling silver and plated either with rhodium or 18K yellow or rose gold. The principal elements are the high quality gemstones, also handcrafted in Spain.
In this collection two new designers collaborate with AB: Inma Soria and Sonia Carmona. Alba Cuallado and Alba Bayona repeat their succesful collaborations with the brand.

This is my favourite piece: SIOUX by Sonia Carmona. A vintage style ring, inspired by the Native American feather headdresses, with an oval gemstone which represents the plumes of smoke and the crystal studded mist rising from the Great Plains. This is a sterling silver rhodium plated piece with an antique matt finish. In the centre, it has a faceted 15x20mm smoky quartz gemstone.
In the following picture you can see the amazing work of Antonio Bayona. I want to remind you that all the pieces are hand made.
SIOUX by Sonia Carmona 01
Alba Cuallado collaborates with AB for the second time with the COSMOS ring, inspired by elements such as planets, stars and meteors as a suggestion for the use of gemstones. This is an 18K gold plated sterling silver piece with a polished finish. A square shaped onyx sits in the centre, it measures 10×10 mm and it has checkerboard style facets.
Inma Soria is the designer of the BOHO ring. The piece takes its inspiration from a bohemian style, playing with the unusual arrangement of the gem which makes a great statement when on the finger. This is a sterling silver piece with matt finish rhodium plating, a natural 16mm diameter cabochon lapis lazuli and accompanied by five 1.6mm white zircons.
And finally the most amazing piece by Alba Bayona, who designed the TYET ring, which first took its inspiration from the form of a knot. That concept was developed towards an idea of the caress, the embrace, the idea of protecting something valued. Tyet is made of 18k gold plated sterling silver with polished finish. The principal stone is a hydrothermal madeira citrine which measures 10x10mm and has checkerboard style facets. It is accompanied by 14 brown 1.25mm diameter zircons.
The AB pieces can be bought on Antonio Bayona’s website: and in Triangle Store (92AChatsworth Road E5 0LS, London). Soon the AB pieces will be available in different selling points in Spain.

Please remember that all of our readers can enjoy a 5% discount in the AB Basics line! Just include the code TSP2013 and you will have this special discount until 31st December. I think these pieces would make a great Christmas gift, don’t you think?

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