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Let’s hang out!

You know what? We’ve joined the social media world! Well, we’ve been there for a few weeks, but now we’re taking it seriously. We promise. We’ve already know some of you from our comment section and your comment sections, some emails… but we thought this could be a great way to stay in touch. That’s what social media is about, huh?

On our Facebook page we share fantastic discoveries, kind of a “links we love” type of thing. Lately we’ve been sharing things like the sweetest table setting for the holidays, a fantastic vacation rental in London or an amazing brow tutorial. So go have a look for new content!

I’m super addicted to Pinterest! It’s just fantastic. Like a huge inspiration board… Ballet, picnics, dreamy fire places, and of course clothes, travel and food. Not to forget weddings, puppies and a Christmas board. What’s not to love? I told you: I’m addicted.

And talking about addictions… Instagram. We’re the worst at selfies, but hey, there are other pretty things in our Instagram account! Food, mostly. Which might be the reason for those terrible selfies but, anyway…

And last but not least: Twitter. Ok, we do our best here, but it’s super confusing. Are we the only ones who think that way? Apparently. Well, I guess age shows some times ;)

So we hope you come around, say hi… let’s hang out!

Image via Reminisce.


  1. Ahah I’m a little bit confuse about twitter too! :-P
    and I’m an instagram addicted, you can find me as @piera_anastasia :-)

    have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia

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