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The American design hotel challenge: North vs. South


Today we want to show you two amazing hotels which are placed in the two opposite sides of the American continent. The incredible Fogo Island Inn, placed in a remote island off the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, Canada, and the amazing Fasano Hotel located in Punta del Este, Uruguay, one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in South America. North vs. South… two beautiful stylish design hotels. Who wins?

In the Fogo Island Inn the new ways meet old traditions. Being the heart of its community – a place to gather, socialize and enjoy life -the Inn is home to a cultural movement that brings together contemporary artists, designers, architects, geologists, academics, fishermen, artisans, growers and chefs. If you are a guest you won’t only be surrounded by amazing design and breathtaking landscapes, you will also get to know the roots of Newfoundland and its culture in the best of the atmospheres.
Fasano - Las Piedras_01
Fasano - Las Piedras_02
The Fasano hotel in Punta del Este is fully integrated with the landscape, which can be enjoyed through its private wide terraces. Casualness, charm and country rustic elegance for a more individual and sophisticated atmosphere. A Lounge Bar to admire Punta del Este famous sunsets and two fancy restaurants for a lively vacation.
Fasano - Las Piedras_04
Fasano - Las Piedras_03
Quiet cosy cultural afternoons or elegant vivacious evenings? North or South?
Images via Fogo Island Inn and Fasano Hotel.

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