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11 things we love about London


We wanted to make a getaway this month and spend a nice long weekend in London. But as they say, life got in the way. So sadly, we won’t be able to visit this fantastic place this moth.  Nevertheless, we’ve decided to make a little hommage to London and share with you the 11 things we love about it.

1. Restaurants: the food scene is amazing. From a gourmet burger to the fanciest most exotic dish. You can find just every type of food you could possibly think of.
2. Parks: we are always amazed about the beauty of London parks. They are always perfect, no matter the season.
3. Covent Garden & Seven Dials: we just love this area. The shops, the atmosphere… When we visit London and we run out of plans or we are just tired, we head to Covent Garden because there’s always something nice to cheer us up!
4. Residential Architecture: from the classic British houses in Chelsea to the colourful Notting Hill, from the new apartment buildings from the old courts… the residential architecture in London is outstanding.
5. M&M’s store: just because. Don’t make us explain it. It’s full of tourists yes, but it’s full of M&M’s too!!!
6. Language: British English is so beautiful!!! We love that posh accent.
7. Musicals: there is just something about the energy that a musical transmits that makes you feel super happy when you leave the theater, don’t you think?
8. Borough Market: one of the first posts of this blog was dedicated to this amazing place. You can read it here.
9. The Tate Modern.
10. Shopping: Carnaby street, the food hall at Harrods, the homeware section in Fortnun and Mason, all the amazing bookstores, the make up and fashion departments at Liberty. Everything for everyone. And this point leads to the last one…
11. JCrew is opening her first European store in London this Friday!!! Where else?

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  1. Number five is my favorite from the list!:) What I love about London is that you just find everything and anything there, it´s like a multitude of flavors that seem to blend together perfectly. Maybe I would add London´s brilliant sports venues to the list, and Cockney (it´s the most hilarious thing listening to a Londoner blurting sarcastic comments about his home town in this slang)

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