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Skirts - shorts
We wear jeans and other kind of pants on a daily basis. Actually we hardly wear skirts. But the thing is that skirts are usually more flattering than pants: they can hide complicated feautures like thighs and hips or they can enhance them in a way a pant will never do. So we’ve decided to look for some skirts to make our wardrobe more interesting. Since ASOS has a huge selection, we decided to start looking there.

1. This little number has one of the prints of the season and a quilted texture that adds a nice twist to it. It’s like a cool version of a mini quilt! And we love the matchy matchy jacket!
2. Flowers again for a sweet sweet skirt. I can see myself wearing it with a black sweater, black tights and black booties. So me, I think.
3. This skirt is quite pricey but is just fantastic.

Skirts - midis
4. A pencil skirt. That’s something I would love to wear, though I never find the occasion. It’s quite a statement, don’t you think? But I love how bold this skirt is. Femme fatal much?
5. Exactly my cup of tea: basic, midi and black.
6. This neopren full skirt is beautiful. I’m not really sure about neopren, but it has to be great for this rainy weather!
7. I love the colour and the bow of this skirt. And the matchy matchy jacket strikes again.

But if there is a skirt that we should buy this season, that is a tartan skirt. Preferably midi. Here you have some ideas…

Skirts - scotish2

1. This one is my fave. Does it look like a table cloth? Maybe, but I love a good old trattoria ;)
2. Mini: be careful. With this skirt you should go edgy or basic. If not, you take the risk of looking like a naughty schoolgirl. And Halloween is alredy over.
3. This one is quite nice too. I love how they’ve paired it with Converse. Cute, huh?
4. And , of course, here you have the pleated version. I would wear it with a light blue shirt and a pair of black pumps for a nice working look.

We hope you’ve liked our skirt themed post today. See you tomorrow!

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