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Weekend style icons: Alix

Let me introduce you to Alix, The cherry blossom girl, the first blogger I ever followed. Back in 2008 I discovered her blog and she’s been in my blogroll ever since. I would define her style as pure femininity with a refine retro vibe. Her blog has evolved during these years but she has always managed to show her personality. She really pays attention to the quality of the pictures she shows and after a “peach filter” and super editorial period, she’s back with great colourful pictures in which she shows not only her amazing sense of style, but also a really special, almost dreamy, atmosphere.

ch2Recently she has launched a really beautiful make up collection in collaboration with Galeries Lafayette. I need to go to Paris soon to buy her “Retro Rose” lipstick and her “Sassy Pink” nail polish!
ch6She has the most amazing coat collection. I love her Autumn / Winter posts just because I get to see all her coats. And her shoes? I love them! They are super feminine.

My style is definitely more minimalistic and lazy basic, but everytime I want to dress up a little bit or explore the girly me, Alix is my main source of inspiration.
She has travelled the world, so in her blog you will also find her travel diaries and tips about different cities around the world.
Well, with that wardrobe, that hair and those travel experiences she makes me jelous most of the time ;)

More inspiration and pictures in her blog: The cherry blossom girl.


  1. I hardly read French blogs but I remember her blog is very beautiful and natural if that’s the word. Too many bloggers make things feel to “unreal” but her blog is just so down to earth. I often wonder what French people think about blogs in general, compared to here in the UK and the USA.

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