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Birthday wishes


It’s my birthday! I used to hate my birthday because it was usually a very bad day. I swear. My two friends from college would call it “the day the doors to hell open”, so you get the picture. But now I really enjoy this day in a quiet, peaceful way. I love celebrating this day with my family, but for me it’s a nostalgic kind of day. I remember my friends who are thousands of kilometers away, I look back to the year that is over and I miss my grandparents, who are not longer here. Don’t get me wrong: I love presents and I get to eat cake, so all in all, I can say that this day has grown on me and I pretty like it now. In order to keep a positive attitude towards this year, I’ve put together a list of destinations that I would love to visit during the next 12 months. I’m sure this will make me look with excitement the “new year” that is just beginning of the rest of my life!

1. New York: because it’s been on the top of my bucket list for ages, but sadly we’ve never found the time to go there! I would love to rent an appartment and spent there a couple of weeks. I’m determined to make it happen… I just need to find out how to squeeze this trip in our schedules.

2. Munich:  because we’ve been living in Germany for almost 3 years and we haven’t visited Munich yet. It’s about time, right?

3. Venice: because it’s my favourite place in the world and I just need to go back at least once a year.

4. Amsterdam:  because it’s just 300 kilometers away and we just know the airport! Shame on us! We have been trying to plan a long weekend in Amsterdam for the last two years but the accommodation is always a problem. Any recommendations?

5. London: because we love it. We’ve even thought about moving there.  This year I would love to take my mother with me.

Of course, there are many other destinations I would love to add to this wishlist, but they won’t be realistic. Brasil and Japan are calling my name too, but I guess these five wishes are sensible expectations, don’t you think?  Oh well… let’s see what this year brings!

Image via Brittany makes.

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    • Thak you Caroline! I’m looking forward to your new post about Hamburg! Hopefully you publish it before Saturday, that’s when we will be shopping, I mean visiting , Hamburg ;)

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