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Three great places to eat in Dublin


Today we want to recommend you three great places to grab a bite in Dublin. These are our friend’s favourites, we didn’t discovered them by chance nor read about them in any guide. They are tested and approved by our friends who live in Dublin, so good quality is guaranteed!

The first one is a burger place. P. loves a good burger so it was our first meal in Dublin. We always look for a nice burger anywhere we go! I ordered a simple cheese burger, P. ordered an avocado bacon burger and T. ordered an habanero burger. The three of them were really good, although P. said hers was a little bit on the dry side. We asked for a portion of handcut fries (double cooked just for us, according to the menu ;) and two portions of rosemary fries. Those were my fave! Even though I thought the presentation was a little bit too simple, the meat was great (100% Irish beef) and the atmosphere was really cool. So you should give it a try!
Gourmet Burger Kitchen: locations and opening hours
The second place was my absolute favourite. This place was the BOMB! Amazing pizzas, great atmosphere and the BEST music. Really, I have to talk about the music because I looooved it. There was this young girl who was playing the funniest disco music. I wanted to dance the whole time! In fact, I actually danced a little bit. It was Saturday so it was the perfect music to have dinner to: we left super happy and totally in the mood for a fun night out!. Anyway, back to the food: the pizzas were excellent. The dough was super thin and crispy and let’s be honest: a great dough is the secret to a great pizza. This one was perfect. It was the best pizza that I’ve had in a very long time. We ordered their chocolare mousse for pudding. It was good, not as good as the pizza, but very nice. To sum up: nice place, super friendly staff, the best music and delicious pizza. Conclusion: you have to go.
19 Crane Lane D2
And last, but not least, a great place to have breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning: Il Valentino. Try their cannoli: awesome! Great coffe, fantastic focaccia, sandwiches and pastries. You can also buy some bread, take home a yummy cake for pudding and have a look at some Italian cooking books while you enjoy your coffee. This place is charming and cosy, just the kind of bakery I would love to have next to my house to spend all my Sunday mornings.
Il Valentino
5 Gallery Quay
Grand Canal Harbour
Dublin 2

Happy Monday and happy week!

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  1. Yum. I’ve been dying to go to Dublin. I had a five hour layover there not too long ago and thought about going into town but thought it wouldn’t be enough time. If I would have known about that hot chocolate though, things may have been different :)

    x elizabeth of thompson & prince

    • Hi Elisabeth! I think you could have had a look at the town. The bus to the city center takes no more than 30 minutes, so the next time, you should have time to have that chocolate!
      Thanks for your comment :)

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