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Weekend style icons: Olivia Palermo

op via olivia palermo
It’s really weird. Olivia Palermo is my absolute favourite it girl but she hadn’t appeared in this section until now! Better late than never, I guess…  So here you have some inspiration thanks to the one and only Miss Palermo. I’ve chosen just casual outfits, in the end this is a weekend inspiration post and most of all go for casual during our leisure time, don’t we?

op via olivia palermo 2



I think Olivia Palermo has a secret weapon. Well, it’s not so secret, but I think this feature is what makes her look so polished and put together: her hair. Don’t you love it? It’s always perfect, shiny and so healthy. In my opinion great hair is the best accessory.




There is little I can add to all the analysis the media has made about Miss Palermo’s fantastic style. I just wanted to emphasise her personal allure. Look at that last picture: How many of us have chosen a total denim look with ballerinas for our Saturday morning strolls? And how many of us look so amazing in it? It has nothing to do with brands, fabrics or prices. It’s that je ne sais quoi that makes everything look better when she wears it. Oh, and that hair. Please, let’s not forget that hair!

Happy weekend!

Images via Olivia Palermo

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