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Last day in Dublin

It all started with a great breakfast. We were lucky enough to enjoy it al fresco, whoever was in charge of the weather in Dublin last weekend was good to us. With happy bellies and sleppy eyes we started our day long walk around Dublin. Yes, we spent the day walking. Again. But in my opinion that’s the best thing to do when you haven’t seen your friends for a while and you have a nice city to discover: just walk and talk. And that’s what we did.




Work, friendship, travels, politics… we talked about everything in our walk along the river. I love visiting friends who know really well the city they live in. They take you to the greatest places off the beaten road. One of the areas I loved the most was Herbert Park. The park itself was beautiful. I’m so glad we visited Dublin in Autumn, the colours were amazing! The houses and little streets that surround the park were incredible. We spent quite a lot of time choosing the house we would love to live in. Posh and quiet. That’s how I like my neighbourhood ;)

 There you have a peek of T’s favourite house:

This was ours. I love red doors!

After Herbert Park we headed to Portobello and walked along the lovely canal. I had no idea there was a Portobello in Dublin! Some nice houses around here too! The atmosphere was really quiet, the place was charming, but we were terribly tired! So we walked home, ordered in and enjoyed our last hours of laughter and great company.

We were very sad to leave… We had the BEST time in Dublin.

T. and G.: thanks for having us! SUCH FUN! ;)


PS: remember to come back on Monday! We will show you three great places to eat in Dublin!

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