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Dublin diary: friends, design shops, parks and amazing pizzas

Last weekend we visited our friends T. and G. in Dublin and we had the BEST time. The weather was fantastic (bearing in mind it was October and Dublin), the company couldn’t have been funnier and the city was amazing. We visited Dublin a couple of years ago and we have to admit that back then we didn’t really liked it. But this time we really loved it and enjoyed it. We shared with you some pics via instagram (@theslowpace) but we thought we could show you a little bit more about our Irish experience, which involved a fair amount of cocktails, long walks, great conversations and hipster pizzas.


On Friday afternoon we went shopping. If my friend T. and I are together we are going to shop. That’s a fact. She took us to this amazing design shop. It’s called Article and it’s placed in the Grafton street area. We loved it. They have the coolest home accesories and stationery. We got two little vases that are going to look really pretty in our bedroom. If you go to Dublin, you really should check this shop. It’s an absolute favourite of my friend T!


Afterwards we went in the no frozen yogurt direction but ended up having this for dinner…

Together with a huge burger of course, but more on that on Monday! We are preparing a post about the amazing places where we ate in Dublin :)

On Saturday we went for a walk. A walk that went on for almost eight hours. We sure burnt off the extra calories we ate during our brunch at Juno’s cafe, which was really nice and very closed to the Guiness Storehouse. Anyway! We started in Trinity College, an all times classic, and make our way until Phoenix Park, where we enjoyed the warm afternoon sun.


Believe me, that was a looooong wak. But it was worth it! During our stroll we discovered an amazing place: The ferocious mingle marcade. It felt like we where inside a movie, I just can’t describe it in other words. Vintage clothing, a Sicilian cafe, weird bookshops and a tiny cinema in the strangest atmosphere. If you love freak shows and vintage this place is for you.  Find it in 72 Thomas Street, Dublin 8.

dublin_diary_13We also saw lovely horse carriages taking over bike lanes…
And we made a short stop at the Guiness Storehouse. Mainly to take a picture or two ;)
dublin_diary_17Phoenix Park was beautiful. It was Autumn in Ireland at its best. We went up and down the hills… and miraculously I didn’t collapse.
dublin_diary_20Since we were just walking for about six hours we decided to walk a little bit more. We changed the setting and kept walking by the river. I don’t know if it was the light, the quiet atmosphere, the perfect mix between old and new architecture… but it was one of my favourite areas.
dublin_diary_24After such a long day it was definitely time for cocktails. We stayed in a nice area that has been rebuilt near the river. Cool residential buildings, new restaurants, bars and the Board Gáis Energy Theater next to the Grand Canal Dock. All fancy.
dublin_diary_25After those cocktails we were hungry, obviously, so off to dinner we went. Our friends took us to a very nice place for a really awesome pizza. Again, we will tell you more about it on Monday! Here you have a sneak peek:
Looks good, right? It was late, we were exhausted… but I had had a virgin Mojito and a sparkling water so the night was not finished for me. No, no! Party mode on! We drank a few more cocktails at Solas bar where they make the best Espresso Martini according to T!

It was a GREAT day! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: Italian breakfast, more walks and lots of buses.

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