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Maldon Sea Salt


Hello everyone! How’s your Monday going? Today we would like to dedicate a moment to one of our favourite ingredients: Maldon Sea Salt. We discovered it a few years ago and since then we can’t cook without it. These amazing little sea salt flakes enhance flavours like no other condiment does. This salt is hand-harvested, really made by nature, which makes its flavour unique.
Your kitchen needs Maldon Sea Salt. Its pureness will make all your dishes stand out. You can find it in most of the food halls of any department store, but don’t be scared by the gourmet appearance of this product. You can really use it in your everyday recipes. We love to sprinkle a little bit of Maldon salt on our roasted or grilled vegetables and even in our cookies. We pretty much use it in every meal!
What about you? Do you have any favourite ingredient?

Images via Maldon Salt


  1. antoniobayonajewellery says

    I use if for everything! My favourite is to sprinkle it on a nice steak! Did you know it’s from Essex (England)? I always thought it was French!

  2. I JUST bought some Maldon salt and haven’t used it yet! But we are having delicious roast tri-tip tonight so I guess there’s my opportunity!


    • You will love it!! I’m sure!!! And don’t forget to try it on sweet recipes too!! It goes fantastic with chocolate!!
      Thank you so mcuh for your coment!!

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